"Making a Difference"
A message from our organization's founder, Steven Mueller:
"The foundation which bears my name is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing relief for disadvantaged, ill and impoverished people not only in the United States but also throughout the world. We aid not only children but also impoverished adults and the elderly."
"Helping others brings me joy and itís also good for one's soul. Bringing a smile to the face of someone who was filled with
hopelessness is an incredible feeling. Our organization is all about having a heart and compassion for others."
"Those who would like to assist in our mission can contribute by visiting our website or writing to our office.
Any contribution, no matter what size, is deeply appreciated and will help to make a difference in the life of someone special.
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our efforts, we couldn't do it without you!"
For more information on our foundation please click HERE (PDF format).